On G/N-Hilb of N-Hilb

Kavli Affiliate: Yukari Ito

| First 5 Authors: Akira Ishii, Yukari Ito, Álvaro Nolla de Celis, ,

| Summary:

In this paper we consider the iterated G-equivariant Hilbert scheme
G/N-Hilb(N-Hilb) and prove that G/N-Hilb(N-Hilb(C^3)) is a crepant resolution
of C^3/G isomorphic to the moduli space of theta-stable representations of the
McKay quiver for certain stability condition theta. We provide several
explicit examples to illustrate this construction. We also consider the problem
of when G/N-Hilb(N-Hilb) is isomorphic to G-Hilb showing the fact that these
spaces are most of the times different.

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