Conduction Effect of Thermal Radiation in a Metal Shield Pipe in a Cryostat for a Cryogenic Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detector

Kavli Affiliate: Tomiyoshi Haruyama

| First 5 Authors: Takayuki Tomaru, Masao Tokunari, Kazuaki Kuroda, Takashi Uchiyama, Akira Okutomi

| Summary:

A large heat load caused by thermal radiation through a metal shield pipe was
observed in a cooling test of a cryostat for a prototype of a cryogenic
interferometric gravitational wave detector. The heat load was approximately
1000 times larger than the value calculated by the Stefan-Boltzmann law. We
studied this phenomenon by simulation and experiment and found that it was
caused by the conduction of thermal radiation in a metal shield pipe.

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