Tunable Inter-Moiré Physics in Consecutively-Twisted Trilayer Graphene

Kavli Affiliate: Ke Wang

| First 5 Authors: Wei Ren, Konstantin Davydov, Ziyan Zhu, Jaden Ma, Kenji Watanabe

| Summary:

We fabricate a twisted trilayer graphene device with consecutive twist angles
of 1.33 and 1.64 degrees, in which we electrostatically tune the electronic
states from each of the two co-existing moir’e superlattices and the
interactions between them. When both moir’e superlattices contribute equally
to electrical transport, we report a new type of inter-moir’e Hofstadter
butterfly. Its Brown-Zak oscillation corresponds to one of the intermediate
quasicrystal length scales of the reconstructed moir’e of moir’e (MoM)
superlattice, shedding new light on emergent physics from competing atomic

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