Josephson Diode Effect in Topological Superconductor

Kavli Affiliate: Jing Wang

| First 5 Authors: Zhaochen Liu, Linghao Huang, Jing Wang, ,

| Summary:

We investigate the Josephson diode effect in topological Josephson junctions.
We find that while a Josephson junction in the topological phase may exhibit
higher diode efficiency compared to that in the trivial phase, this behavior is
not universal. The presence of Majorana bound states is not a sufficient
condition for a large diode effect. Furthermore, the diode efficiency undergoes
substantial changes only in specific regions along the topological phase
transition boundary, and a significant diode effect does coincide with the
topological phases. Thereby the Josephson diode effect may be serves as a weak
indicator for topological superconductor phase. These results suggest a nuanced
relationship between the topological aspects of Josephson junctions and
Josephson diode effect.

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