Measuring the Hubble Constant Using Strongly Lensed Gravitational Wave Signals

Kavli Affiliate: Xian Chen

| First 5 Authors: Shun-Jia Huang, Yi-Ming Hu, Xian Chen, Jian-dong Zhang, En-Kun Li

| Summary:

The measurement of the Hubble constant $H_0$ plays an important role in the
study of cosmology. In this letter, we propose a new method to constrain the
Hubble constant using the strongly lensed gravitational wave (GW) signals. By
reparameterizing the waveform, we find that the lensed waveform is sensitive to
the $H_0$. Assuming the scenario that no electromagnetic counterpart of the GW
source can be identified, our method can still give meaningful constraints on
the $H_0$ with the information of the lens redshift. We then apply Fisher
information matrix and Markov Chain Monte Carlo to evaluate the potential of
this method. For the space-based GW detector, TianQin, the $H_0$ can be
constrained within a relative error of $sim$ 0.3-2%, using a single strongly
lensed GW event. Precision varies according to different levels of
electromagnetic information.

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