A Linear Relation Between the Color Stretch $s_{BV}$ and the Rising Color Slope $s_0^*(B-V)$ of Type Ia Supernovae

Kavli Affiliate: Subo Dong

| First 5 Authors: Ping Chen, Subo Dong, Chris Ashall, S. Benetti, D. Bersier

| Summary:

Using data from the Complete Nearby ($z_{host}<0.02$) sample of Type Ia
Supernovae (CNIa0.02), we discover a linear relation between two parameters
derived from the $B-V$ color curves of Type Ia supernovae: the "color stretch"
$s_{BV}$ and the rising color slope $s_0^*(B-V)$ after the peak, and this
relation applies to the full range of $s_{BV}$. The $s_{BV}$ parameter is known
to be tightly correlated with the peak luminosity, and especially for "fast
decliners" (dim Type Ia supernovae), and the luminosity correlation with
$s_{BV}$ is markedly better than with the classic light-curve width parameters
such as $Delta{m_{15}(B)}$. Thus our new linear relation can be used to infer
peak luminosity from $s_0^*$. Unlike $s_{BV}$ (or $Delta{m_{15}}$), the
measurement of $s_0^*(B-V)$ does not rely on the well-determined time of
light-curve peak or color maximum, making it less demanding on the light-curve
coverage than past approaches.

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