Legacy of the First Workshop on Gravitational Wave Astrophysics for Early Career Scientists

Kavli Affiliate: Lijing Shao

| First 5 Authors: Jean-Baptiste Bayle, BĂ©atrice Bonga, Daniela Doneva, Tanja Hinderer, Archisman Ghosh

| Summary:

Gravitational wave science is a dynamical, fast-expanding research field
founded on results, tools and methodologies drawn from different research areas
and communities. Early career scientists entering this field must learn and
combine knowledge and techniques from a range of disciplines. The Workshop on
Gravitational-Wave Astrophysics for Early Career Scientists (GWAECS), held
virtually in May 2021, planted the seeds of an interdisciplinary,
well-connected and all-inclusive community of early career scientists working
on gravitational waves, able to exchange relevant information and ideas, build
a healthy professional and international environment, share and learn valuable
skills, and ensure that ongoing research efforts are perpetuated and expanded
in order to attain the main scientific goals envisioned by the whole community.
GWAECS was the first event unifying early career scientists belonging to
different communities, historically associated with different large-scale
gravitational wave experiments. It provided a broad perspective on the future
of gravitational waves, offered training on soft and transferable skills and
allowed ample time for informal discussions between early career scientists and
well-known research experts. The essence of those activities is summarised and
collected in the present document, which presents a recap of each session of
the workshop and aims to provide all early career scientists with a
long-lasting, useful reference which constitutes the legacy of all the ideas
that circulated at GWAECS.

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