Plasmon Coupling Induced Photon Scattering Torque

Kavli Affiliate: Jing Wang

| First 5 Authors: Yang Li, Jing Wang, Hai-Qing Lin, Lei Shao,

| Summary:

Bio-compatible Au nanoparticles exhibit great advantages in the application
of biomedical researches, such as bio-sensing, medical diagnosis, and cancer
therapy. Bio-molecules can even be manipulated by laser tweezers with the
optically trapped Au nanoparticles as handles. In this Letter, optical
scattering torque arising from the coupled Au nanoparticles driven by
circularly polarized light is theoretically presented. The coupled plasmon
resonance modes boost the angular momentum transfer from photons to the Au
nanoparticle dimers and trimers through light scattering, which does not bring
any optical-heating side effect. The generated optical torques on the
nanostructures highly depend on the plasmon coupling in the structures. The
angular momentum transfer efficiencies from scattered photons to nanostructures
can reach around 200%. The results suggest that coupled plasmonic nanoparticle
oligomers are promising candidates to construct optically driven rotary
nanomotors that can be applied in biomedical applications.

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