An axion dark matter-induced echo of supernova remnants

Kavli Affiliate: Kiyoshi Masui

| First 5 Authors: Yitian Sun, Katelin Schutz, Anjali Nambrath, Calvin Leung, Kiyoshi Masui

| Summary:

Axions are a theoretically promising dark matter (DM) candidate. In the
presence of radiation from bright astrophysical sources at radio frequencies,
nonrelativistic DM axions can undergo stimulated decay to two nearly
back-to-back photons, meaning that bright sources of radio waves will have a
counterimage (”gegenschein”) in nearly the exact opposite spatial direction.
The counterimage will be spectrally distinct from backgrounds, taking the form
of a narrow radio line centered at $nu = m_a/4pi$ with a width determined by
Doppler broadening in the DM halo, $Delta nu/nu sim 10^{-3}$. In this work,
we show that the axion decay-induced echoes of supernova remnants may be bright
enough to be detectable. Their non-detection may be able to set the strongest
limits to date on axion DM in the $sim 1-10 , mu$eV mass range where there
are gaps in coverage from existing experiments.

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