Three roads to the geometric constraint formulation of gravitational theories with boundaries

Kavli Affiliate: J. S. Villasenor

| First 5 Authors: Fernando Barbero, Marc Basquens, Valle Varo, Eduardo J. S. VillaseƱor,

| Summary:

The Hamiltonian description of mechanical or field models defined by singular
Lagrangians plays a central role in physics. A number of methods are known for
this purpose, the most popular of them being the one developed by Dirac. Here,
we discuss other approaches to this problem that rely on the direct use of the
equations of motion (and the tangency requirements characteristic of the Gotay,
Nester, Hinds method), or are formulated in the tangent bundle of the
configuration space. Owing to its interesting relation with general relativity
we will use a concrete example as a test bed: an extension of the Pontryagin
and Husain-Kuchav{r} actions to four dimensional manifolds with boundary.

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