A pair of warm giant planets near the 2:1 mean motion resonance around the K-dwarf star TOI-2202

Kavli Affiliate: Christopher J. Burke

| First 5 Authors: Trifon Trifonov, Rafael Brahm, Nestor Espinoza, Thomas Henning, Andrés Jordán

| Summary:

TOI-2202 b is a transiting warm Jovian-mass planet with an orbital period of
P=11.91 days identified from the Full Frame Images data of five different
sectors of the TESS mission. Ten TESS transits of TOI-2202 b combined with
three follow-up light curves obtained with the CHAT robotic telescope show
strong transit timing variations (TTVs) with an amplitude of about 1.2 hours.
Radial velocity follow-up with FEROS, HARPS and PFS confirms the planetary
nature of the transiting candidate (a$_{rm b}$ = 0.096 $pm$ 0.002 au, m$_{rm
b}$ = 0.98 $pm$ 0.06 M$_{rm Jup}$), and dynamical analysis of RVs, transit
data, and TTVs points to an outer Saturn-mass companion (a$_{rm c}$ = 0.155
$pm$ 0.003 au, m$_{rm c}$= $0.37 pm 0.10$ M$_{rm Jup}$) near the 2:1 mean
motion resonance. Our stellar modeling indicates that TOI-2202 is an early
K-type star with a mass of 0.82 M$_odot$, a radius of 0.79 R$_odot$, and
solar-like metallicity. The TOI-2202 system is very interesting because of the
two warm Jovian-mass planets near the 2:1 MMR, which is a rare configuration,
and their formation and dynamical evolution are still not well understood.

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