TIC 454140642: A Compact, Coplanar, Quadruple-lined Quadruple Star System Consisting of Two Eclipsing Binaries

Kavli Affiliate: Saul A. Rappaport

| First 5 Authors: Veselin B. Kostov, Brian P. Powell, Guillermo Torres, Tamas Borkovits, Saul A. Rappaport

| Summary:

We report the discovery of a compact, coplanar, quadruply-lined, eclipsing
quadruple star system from TESS data, TIC 454140642, also known as TYC
0074-01254-1. The target was first detected in Sector 5 with 30-min cadence in
Full-Frame Images and then observed in Sector 32 with 2-min cadence. The light
curve exhibits two sets of primary and secondary eclipses with periods of PA =
13.624 days (binary A) and PB = 10.393 days (binary B). Analysis of archival
and follow-up data shows clear eclipse-timing variations and divergent radial
velocities, indicating dynamical interactions between the two binaries and
confirming that they form a gravitationally-bound quadruple system with a 2+2
hierarchy. The Aa+Ab binary, Ba+Bb binary, and A-B system are aligned with
respect to each other within a fraction of a degree: the respective mutual
orbital inclinations are 0.25 degrees (A vs B), 0.37 degrees (A vs A-B), and
0.47 degrees (B vs A-B). The A-B system has an orbital period of 432 days – the
second shortest amongst confirmed quadruple systems – and an orbital
eccentricity of 0.3.

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