TOI 122b and TOI 237b, two small warm planets orbiting inactive M dwarfs, found by textit{TESS}

Kavli Affiliate: Robert F. Goeke

| First 5 Authors: William C. Waalkes, Zachory K. Berta-Thompson, Karen A. Collins, Adina D. Feinstein, Benjamin M. Tofflemire

| Summary:

We report the discovery and validation of TOI 122b and TOI 237b, two warm
planets transiting inactive M dwarfs observed by textit{TESS}. Our analysis
shows TOI 122b has a radius of 2.72$pm$0.18 R$_rm{e}$ and receives
8.8$pm$1.0$times$ Earth’s bolometric insolation, and TOI 237b has a radius of
1.44$pm$0.12 R$_rm{e}$ and receives 3.7$pm$0.5$times$ Earth insolation,
straddling the 6.7$times$ Earth insolation that Mercury receives from the sun.
This makes these two of the cooler planets yet discovered by textit{TESS},
even on their 5.08-day and 5.43-day orbits. Together, they span the
small-planet radius valley, providing useful laboratories for exploring
volatile evolution around M dwarfs. Their relatively nearby distances
(62.23$pm$0.21 pc and 38.11$pm$0.23 pc, respectively) make them potentially
feasible targets for future radial velocity follow-up and atmospheric
characterization, although such observations may require substantial
investments of time on large telescopes.

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