Quantum Mechanics of Gravitational Waves

Kavli Affiliate: Frank Wilczek

| First 5 Authors: Maulik Parikh, Frank Wilczek, George Zahariade, ,

| Summary:

For the purpose of analyzing observed phenomena, it has been convenient, and
thus far sufficient, to regard gravity as subject to the deterministic
principles of classical physics, with the gravitational field obeying Newton’s
law or Einstein’s equations. Here we treat the gravitational field as a quantum
field and determine the implications of such treatment for experimental
observables. We find that falling bodies in gravity are subject to random
fluctuations ("noise") whose characteristics depend on the quantum state of the
gravitational field. We derive a stochastic equation for the separation of two
falling particles. Detection of this fundamental noise, which may be measurable
at gravitational wave detectors, would vindicate the quantization of gravity,
and reveal important properties of its sources.

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