Magnetic turbulence spectra and intermittency in the heliosheath and in the local interstellar medium

Kavli Affiliate: John D. Richardson

| First 5 Authors: Federico Fraternale, Nikolai V Pogorelov, John D Richardson, Daniela Tordella,

| Summary:

The understanding of inertial-scale dynamics in the heliosheath is not yet
thorough. Magnetic field fluctuations across the inner heliosheath (IHS) and
the local interstellar medium (LISM) are here considered to provide accurate
and highly resolved statistics over different plasma conditions between 88 and
136 au. By using the unique in situ 48 s measurements from the Voyager
Interstellar Mission, we investigate different fluctuation regimes at the
magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) scales, down to the MHD-to-kinetic transition. We
focus on a range of scales exceeding five frequency decades (5 x 10-8 < f <
10-2 Hz), which is unprecedented in literature analysis. A set of magnetic
field data for eight intervals in the IHS, in both unipolar and sector regions,
and four intervals in the LISM is used for the analysis. Results are set forth
in terms of the power spectral density, spectral compressibility, structure
functions, and intermittency of magnetic field increments. In the heliosheath,
we identify the energy-injection regime displaying a ~1/f energy decay, and the
inertial-cascade regime. Here, the power spectrum is anisotropic and dominated
by compressive modes, with intermittency that can reach kurtosis values of up
to 10. In the interstellar medium the structure of turbulence is anisotropic as
well, with transverse fluctuations clearly prevailing after 2015 May. Here, we
show that intermittent features occur only at scales smaller than 10-6 Hz.

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