The Dynamic Infrared Sky

Kavli Affiliate: Rob Simcoe

| First 5 Authors: Mansi M. Kasliwal, Scott Adams, Igor Andreoni, Michael Ashley, Nadia Blagorodnova

| Summary:

Opening up the dynamic infrared sky for systematic time-domain exploration
would yield many scientific advances. Multi-messenger pursuits such as
localizing gravitational waves from neutron star mergers and quantifying the
nucleosynthetic yields require the infrared. Another multi-messenger endeavor
that needs infrared surveyors is the study of the much-awaited supernova in our
own Milky Way. Understanding shocks in novae, true rates of supernovae and
stellar mergers are some other examples of stellar evolution and high energy
physics wherein the answers are buried in the infrared. We discuss some of the
challenges in the infrared and pathfinders to overcome them. We conclude with
recommendations on both infrared discovery engines and infrared follow-up
machines that would enable this field to flourish in the next decade.

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