Magnifications of paired micro-images emerging from a micro-lensing critical curve

Kavli Affiliate: Paul Schechter

| First 5 Authors: Luke Weisenbach, Paul Schechter, Joachim Wambsganss, ,

| Summary:

Studies of the inner regions of micro-lensed AGN during caustic crossing
events have often relied upon the approximation that the magnification near a
fold caustic is inversely proportional to the square root of the source-caustic
distance. We examine here the behavior of the individual micro-images (one a
micro-minimum, the other a micro-saddle) that emerge as a point source crosses
a micro-fold caustic. We provide a variety of statistics on both the behavior
of the two newly created micro-images, and some parameters which appear in
higher order approximations for the magnification. We compare the predictions
of these higher order approximations to the actual image magnifications of our

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