Evidence for simultaneous jets and disk winds in luminous low-mass X-ray binaries

Kavli Affiliate: Norbert Schulz

| First 5 Authors: Jeroen Homan, Joseph Neilsen, Jessamyn L. Allen, Deepto Chakrabarty, Rob Fender

| Summary:

Recent work on jets and disk winds in low-mass X-ray binaries (LMXBs)
suggests that they are to a large extent mutually exclusive, with jets observed
in spectrally hard states and disk winds observed in spectrally soft states. In
this paper we use existing literature on jets and disk winds in the luminous
neutron star (NS) LMXB GX 13+1, in combination with archival Rossi X-ray Timing
Explorer data, to show that this source is likely able to produce jets and disk
winds simultaneously. We find that jets and disk winds occur in the same
location on the source’s track in its X-ray color-color diagram. A further
study of literature on other luminous LMXBs reveals that this behavior is more
common, with indications for simultaneous jets and disk winds in the black hole
LMXBs V404 Cyg and GRS 1915+105 and the NS LMXBs Sco X-1 and Cir X-1. For the
three sources for which we have the necessary spectral information, we find
that the simultaneous jets/winds all occur in their spectrally hardest states.
Our findings indicate that in LMXBs with luminosities above a few tens of
percent of the Eddington luminosity, jets and disk winds are not mutually
exclusive, and that the presence of disk winds does not necessarily result in
jet suppression.

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