ROMA (Rank-Ordered Multifractal Analysis) for intermittent fluctuations with global crossover behavior

Kavli Affiliate: Tom Chang

| First 5 Authors: Sunny W. Y. Tam, Tom Chang, Paul M. Kintner, Eric M. Klatt,

| Summary:

Rank-Ordered Multifractal Analysis (ROMA), a recently developed technique
that combines the ideas of parametric rank ordering and one parameter scaling
of monofractals, has the capabilities of deciphering the multifractal
characteristics of intermittent fluctuations. The method allows one to
understand the multifractal properties through rank-ordered scaling or
non-scaling parametric variables. The idea of the ROMA technique is applied to
analyze the multifractal characteristics of the auroral zone electric field
fluctuations observed by SIERRA. The observed fluctuations span across
contiguous multiple regimes of scales with different multifractal
characteristics. We extend the ROMA technique such that it can take into
account the crossover behavior — with the possibility of collapsing
probability distributions functions (PDFs) — over these contiguous regimes.

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