New $μ$ Forces From $ν_μ$ Sources

Kavli Affiliate: Gordan Krnjaic

| First 5 Authors: Cari Cesarotti, Yonatan Kahn, Gordan Krnjaic, Duncan Rocha, Joshua Spitz

| Summary:

Accelerator-based experiments reliant on charged pion and kaon decays to
produce muon-neutrino beams also deliver an associated powerful flux of muons.
Therefore, these experiments can additionally be sensitive to light new
particles that preferentially couple to muons and decay to visible final states
on macroscopic length scales. Such particles are produced through rare 3-body
meson decays in the decay pipe or via muon scattering in the beam dump, and
decay in a downstream detector. To demonstrate the potential of this search
strategy, we recast existing MiniBooNE and MicroBooNE studies of neutral pion
production in neutrino-induced neutral-current scattering ($nu_mu N to
nu_mu N pi^0,~pi^0rightarrow gammagamma$) to place new leading limits on
light ($< 2m_mu$) muon-philic scalar particles that decay to diphotons through
loops of virtual muons. Our results exclude scalars of mass between 10 and 60
MeV in which this scenario resolves the muon $g-2$ anomaly. We also make
projections for the sensitivity of SBND to these models and provide a road map
for future neutrino experiments to perform dedicated searches for muon-philic

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