Dynamically Reconfigurable Photon Exchange in a Superconducting Quantum Processor

Kavli Affiliate: Irfan Siddiqi

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| Summary:

Realizing the advantages of quantum computation requires access to the full
Hilbert space of states of many quantum bits (qubits). Thus, large-scale
quantum computation faces the challenge of efficiently generating entanglement
between many qubits. In systems with a limited number of direct connections
between qubits, entanglement between non-nearest neighbor qubits is generated
by a series of nearest neighbor gates, which exponentially suppresses the
resulting fidelity. Here we propose and demonstrate a novel, on-chip photon
exchange network. This photonic network is embedded in a superconducting
quantum processor (QPU) to implement an arbitrarily reconfigurable qubit
connectivity graph. We show long-range qubit-qubit interactions between qubits
with a maximum spatial separation of $9.2~text{cm}$ along a meandered bus
resonator and achieve photon exchange rates up to $g_{text{qq}} = 2pi times
0.9~text{MHz}$. These experimental demonstrations provide a foundation to
realize highly connected, reconfigurable quantum photonic networks and opens a
new path towards modular quantum computing.

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