Search for $B$ Mesogenesis at BABAR

Kavli Affiliate: D. B. Macfarlane

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A new mechanism has been proposed to simultaneously explain the presence of
dark matter and the matter-antimatter asymmetry in the universe. This scenario
predicts exotic $B$ meson decays into a baryon and a dark sector anti-baryon
($psi_D$) with branching fractions accessible at $B$ factories. We present a
search for $B rightarrow Lambda psi_D$ decays using data collected by the
$BABAR$ experiment at SLAC. This reaction is identified by fully reconstructing
the accompanying $B$ meson and requiring the presence of a single $Lambda$
baryon in the remaining particles. No significant signal is observed, and
bounds on the $B rightarrow Lambda psi_D$ branching fraction are derived in
the range $0.13 – 5.2times 10^{-5}$ for $1.0 < m_{psi_D} < 4.2$ GeV/$c^{2}$.
These results set strong constraints on the parameter space allowed by the

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