Surface acoustic wave resonators on thin film piezoelectric substrates for quantum acoustics

Kavli Affiliate: Simon Groblacher

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Lithium Niobate (LNO) is a well established material for Surface Acoustic
Wave (SAW) devices including resonators, delay lines and filters. Recently,
multilayer substrates based on LNO thin films have become commercially
available. Here, we present a systematic study of the performance of SAW
devices fabricated on LNO-on-Insulator (LNOI) and LNO-on-Silicon substrates and
compare them to bulk LNO devices. Our study aims at assessing the performance
of these substrates for quantum acoustics, i.e. the integration with
superconducting circuits operating in the quantum regime. To this end, we
design surface acoustic wave resonators with a target frequency of 5 GHz and
perform experiments at millikelvin temperatures and microwave power levels
corresponding to single photons or phonons. The devices are investigated
regarding their internal quality factors as a function of the excitation power
and temperature, which allows us to characterize and quantify losses and
identify the dominating loss mechanism. For the measured devices, fitting the
experimental data shows the quality factors are limited by the coupling of the
resonator to a bath of two-level-systems (TLS). Our results suggest that SAW
devices on thin film LNO on silicon have comparable performance to devices on
bulk LNO and are viable for use in SAW-based quantum acoustic devices.

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