A simulation suite for readout with SMuRF tone-tracking electronics

Kavli Affiliate: Zeeshan Ahmed

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| Summary:

We present the details of a simulation suite for modeling the effects of
readout with SLAC Microresonator RF (SMuRF) electronics. The SMuRF electronics
are a warm readout and control system for use with superconducting microwave
resonator-based detector systems. The system has been used with the BICEP/Keck
program and will be used on the upcoming Simons Observatory and BICEP Array
experiments. This simulation suite is a software implementation of the main
SMuRF algorithms for offline analysis, modeling, and study. The
firmware-implemented algorithms for calibration, resonator frequency
estimation, and tone tracking present sources of potential bias or errors if
not modeled properly. The simulator takes as input true detector signal,
realistic resonator properties, and SMuRF-related user-controlled readout
settings. It returns the final flux ramp-demodulated output of a detector
timestream as would be passed to the experiment data acquisition system,
enabling the analysis of the impact of readout-related parameters on the final
science data. It is publicly available in Python with accompanying Jupyter
notebooks for user tutorials.

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