Incorporating tunability into a universal scaling framework for shear thickening

Kavli Affiliate: Itai Cohen

| First 5 Authors: Meera Ramaswamy, Itay Griniasty, James P Sethna, Bulbul Chakraborty, Itai Cohen

| Summary:

Recently, we proposed a universal scaling framework that shows shear
thickening in dense suspensions is governed by the crossover between two
critical points: one associated with frictionless isotropic jamming and a
second corresponding to frictional shear jamming. Here, we show that orthogonal
perturbations to the flows, an effective method for tuning shear thickening,
can also be folded into this universal scaling framework. Specifically, we show
that the effect of adding in orthogonal shear perturbations (OSP) can be
incorporated by simply altering the scaling variable to include a
multiplicative term that decreases with the normalized OSP strain rate. These
results demonstrate the broad applicability of our scaling framework, and
illustrate how it can be modified to incorporate other complex flow fields.

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