Performance of a phonon-mediated detector using KIDs optimized for sub-GeV dark matter

Kavli Affiliate: Sunil Golwala

| First 5 Authors: Osmond Wen, Taylor Aralis, Ritoban Basu Thakur, Bruce Bumble, Yen-Yung Chang

| Summary:

Detection of sub-GeV dark matter candidates requires sub-keV detector
thresholds on deposited energy. We provide an update on a gram-scale
phonon-mediated KID-based device that was designed for a dark matter search in
this mass range at the Northwestern Experimental Underground Site. Currently,
the device is demonstrating 6 eV resolution on the energy absorbed by the
resonator. With some important assumptions, this translates to 20 eV baseline
resolution on energy deposited in the substrate. We show that TLS noise
dominates this energy resolution estimate. After modifying the design to
mitigate TLS noise, we project 5 eV baseline resolution on energy deposited in
the substrate (1.5 eV on energy absorbed by the resonator) for an
amplifier-white-noise-dominated device. Finally, we present a clear path
forward to sub-eV thresholds, which includes installation of a quantum-limited
superconducting parametric amplifier and adjustments to the material makeup of
our resonators.

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