MuA-Ori: Multimodal Actuated Origami

Kavli Affiliate: Katia Bertoldi

| First 5 Authors: Antonio Elia Forte, David Melancon, Leon M. Kamp, Benjamin Gorissen, Katia Bertoldi

| Summary:

Recently, inflatable elements integrated in robotics systems have enabled
complex motions as a result of simple inputs. However, these fluidic actuators
typically exhibit unimodal deformation upon inflation. Here, we present a new
design concept for modular, fluidic actuators that can switch between
deformation modes as a response to an input threshold. Our system comprises
bistable origami modules in which snapping breaks rotational symmetry, giving
access to a bending deformation. By tuning geometry, the modules can be
designed to snap at different pressure thresholds, rotate clockwise or
counterclockwise when actuated, and bend in different planes. Due to their
ability to assume multiple deformation modes as response to a single pressure
input we call our system MuA-Ori, or Multimodal Actuated Origami. MuA-Ori
provides an ideal platform to design actuators that can switch between
different configurations, reach multiple, pre-defined targets in space, and
move along complex trajectories.

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