On games and simulators as a platform for development of artificial intelligence for command and control

Kavli Affiliate: John Richardson

| First 5 Authors: Vinicius G. Goecks, Nicholas Waytowich, Derrik E. Asher, Song Jun Park, Mark Mittrick

| Summary:

Games and simulators can be a valuable platform to execute complex
multi-agent, multiplayer, imperfect information scenarios with significant
parallels to military applications: multiple participants manage resources and
make decisions that command assets to secure specific areas of a map or
neutralize opposing forces. These characteristics have attracted the artificial
intelligence (AI) community by supporting development of algorithms with
complex benchmarks and the capability to rapidly iterate over new ideas. The
success of artificial intelligence algorithms in real-time strategy games such
as StarCraft II have also attracted the attention of the military research
community aiming to explore similar techniques in military counterpart
scenarios. Aiming to bridge the connection between games and military
applications, this work discusses past and current efforts on how games and
simulators, together with the artificial intelligence algorithms, have been
adapted to simulate certain aspects of military missions and how they might
impact the future battlefield. This paper also investigates how advances in
virtual reality and visual augmentation systems open new possibilities in human
interfaces with gaming platforms and their military parallels.

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