Large R-charge EFT correlators in N=2 SQCD

Kavli Affiliate: Simeon Hellerman

| First 5 Authors: Simeon Hellerman, Domenico Orlando, , ,

| Summary:

We consider large-R-charge Coulomb branch correlation functions in
$mathcal{N} = 2$ superconformal QCD in D=4 dimensions, with gauge group
$SU(2)$ and $N_f = 4$ hypermultiplets in the fundamental representation. Using
information from supersymmetric recursion relations, S-duality, and matching of
EFT parameters with the double-scaling limit, we give an exact formula for the
massless Coulomb branch EFT contribution to the correlation function two-point
functions of the power of the chiral ring generator,
$G_{2n}^{text{(EFT)}} = frac{2^{4n}}{Z_{S^4}[tau]} Gamma(2n + 5/2)
e^{A[tau]n + B[tau]}$ with $A[tau]$ and $B[tau]$ given as explicit
functions of the coupling constant $tau$ in closed form. We note the precise
agreement of the EFT formula with supersymmetric localization even at low
values of $n$, and discuss aspects of the post-EFT remainder contributed by the
macroscopic virtual propagation of massive particles.

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