Evidence for violations of Weak Cosmic Censorship in black hole collisions in higher dimensions

Kavli Affiliate: Ulrich Sperhake

| First 5 Authors: Tomas Andrade, Pau Figueras, Ulrich Sperhake, ,

| Summary:

We study collisions of boosted rotating black holes in $D=6$ and 7 spacetime
dimensions with a non-zero impact parameter. We find that there exists an open
set of initial conditions such that the intermediate state of the collision is
a black hole with a dumbbell-like horizon which is unstable to a local
Gregory-Laflamme-type instability. We are able to provide convincing numerical
evidence that the evolution of such an instability leads to a pinch off of the
horizon in finite asymptotic time thus forming a naked singularity, as in
similar unstable black holes. Since the black holes in the initial state are
stable, this is the first genuinely generic evidence for the violation of the
Weak Cosmic Censorship Conjecture in higher dimensional asymptotically flat

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