Spatially resolved velocity structure in jets of DF Tau and UY Aur A

Kavli Affiliate: David A. Principe

| First 5 Authors: Anastasiia V Uvarova, Hans Moritz G√ľnther, David A. Principe, P. Christian Schneider,

| Summary:

Young stars accrete mass and angular momentum from their circumstellar disks.
Some of them also drive outflows, which can be distinguished in optical
forbidden emission lines (FELs). We analyze a sample of binary T Tauri stars
observed with long-slit spectroscopy by the Hubble Space Telescope (HST),
searching for spatially resolved outflows. We detect resolved [O I] emission in
two cases out of twenty one. In DF Tau we resolve high and medium velocity
outflows in a jet and counterjet out to 60 au. The outflows are accelerated
within the inner 12 au and retain a constant speed thereafter. In UY Aur, we
detect a blue- and a red-shifted outflow from UY Aur A, as well as a
blue-shifted jet from UY Aur B. All of these features have been seen in [Fe II] with data taken ten years apart indicating that the underlying outflow pattern
is stable on these timescales.

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