Building A Field: The Future of Astronomy with Gravitational Waves, A State of The Profession Consideration for Astro2020

Kavli Affiliate: David Shoemaker

| First 5 Authors: Kelly Holley-Bockelmann, Joey Shapiro Key, Brittany Kamai, Robert Caldwell, Warren Brown

| Summary:

Harnessing the sheer discovery potential of gravitational wave astronomy will
require bold, deliberate, and sustained efforts to train and develop the
requisite workforce. The next decade requires a strategic plan to build — from
the ground up — a robust, open, and well-connected gravitational wave
astronomy community with deep participation from traditional astronomers,
physicists, data scientists, and instrumentalists. This basic infrastructure is
sorely needed as an enabling foundation for research. We outline a set of
recommendations for funding agencies, universities, and professional societies
to help build a thriving, diverse, and inclusive new field.

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