Constraining the Neutron Star Mass-Radius Relation and Dense Matter Equation of State with NICER. II. Emission from Hot Spots on a Rapidly Rotating Neutron Star

Kavli Affiliate: Deepto Chakrabarty

| First 5 Authors: Slavko Bogdanov, Frederick K. Lamb, Simin Mahmoodifar, M. Coleman Miller, Sharon M. Morsink

| Summary:

We describe the model of surface emission from a rapidly rotating neutron
star that is applied to Neutron Star Interior Composition Explorer X-ray data
of millisecond pulsars in order to statistically constrain the neutron star
mass-radius relation and dense matter equation of state. To ensure that the
associated calculations are both accurate and precise, we conduct an extensive
suite of verification tests between our numerical codes for both the
Schwarzschild + Doppler and Oblate Schwarzschild approximations, and compare
both approximations against exact numerical calculations. We find superb
agreement between the code outputs, as well as in comparison against a set of
analytical and semi-analytical calculations, which combined with their speed,
demonstrates that the codes are well-suited for large-scale statistical
sampling applications. A set of verified, high-precision reference synthetic
pulse profiles is provided to the community to facilitate testing of other
independently developed codes.

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