Prospects for Detecting Boosted Dark Matter in DUNE through Hadronic Interactions

Kavli Affiliate: Lina Necib

| First 5 Authors: Joshua Berger, Yanou Cui, Mathew Graham, Lina Necib, Gianluca Petrillo

| Summary:

Boosted dark matter (BDM) is a well-motivated class of dark matter (DM)
candidates in which a small component of DM is relativistic at the present
time. We lay the foundation for BDM searches via hadronic interactions in large
liquid-argon time-projection chambers (LArTPCs), such as DUNE. We investigate
BDM-nucleus scattering in detail by developing new event generation techniques
with a parameterized detector simulation. We study the discovery potential in a
DUNE-like experiment using the low threshold and directionality of hadron
detection in LArTPCs and compare with other experiments.

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