Submillimetre Transient Science in the Next Decade: EAO Submillimetre Futures White Paper Series, 2019

Kavli Affiliate: Gregory Herczeg

| First 5 Authors: Steve Mairs, Gregory Herczeg, Doug Johnstone, Jeong-Eun Lee, Simon Coude

| Summary:

This white paper gives a brief summary of the time domain science that has
been performed with the JCMT in recent years and highlights the opportunities
for continuing work in this field over the next decade. The main focus of this
document is the JCMT Transient Survey, a large program initiated in 2015 to
measure the frequency and amplitude of variability events associated with
protostars in nearby star-forming regions. After summarising the major
accomplishments so far, an outline is given for extensions to the current
survey, featuring a discussion on what will be possible with the new 850 micron
camera that is expected to be installed in late 2022. We also discuss possible
applications of submillimetre monitoring to active galactic nuclei, X-ray
binaries, asymptotic giant branch stars, and flare stars.

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