Generalizations of the Pontryagin and Husain-Kuchař actions to manifolds with boundary

Kavli Affiliate: J. S. Villasenor

| First 5 Authors: J. Fernando Barbero G., Bogar Díaz, Juan Margalef-Bentabol, Eduardo J. S. Villaseñor,

| Summary:

In this paper we study a family of generalizations of the Pontryagin and
Husain-Kuchav{r} actions on manifolds with boundary. In some cases, they
describe well-known models—either at the boundary or in the bulk—such as
3-dimensional Euclidean general relativity with a cosmological constant or the
Husain-Kuchav{r} model. We will use Hamiltonian methods in order to
disentangle the physical and dynamical content of the systems that we discuss
here. This will be done by relying on a geometric implementation of the Dirac
algorithm in the presence of boundaries recently proposed by the authors.

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