The Massive and Distant Clusters of WISE Survey VI: Stellar Mass Fractions of a Sample of High-Redshift Infrared-selected Clusters

Kavli Affiliate: Adam Mantz

| First 5 Authors: Bandon Decker, Mark Brodwin, Zubair Abdulla, Anthony H. Gonzalez, Daniel P. Marrone

| Summary:

We present measurements of the stellar mass fractions ($f_star$) for a
sample of high-redshift ($0.93 le z le 1.32$) infrared-selected galaxy
clusters from the Massive and Distant Clusters of WISE Survey (MaDCoWS) and
compare them to the stellar mass fractions of Sunyaev-Zel’dovich (SZ)
effect-selected clusters in a similar mass and redshift range from the South
Pole Telescope (SPT)-SZ Survey. We do not find a significant difference in mean
$f_star$ between the two selection methods, though we do find an unexpectedly
large range in $f_star$ for the SZ-selected clusters. In addition, we measure
the luminosity function of the MaDCoWS clusters and find $m^*= 19.41pm0.07$,
similar to other studies of clusters at or near our redshift range. Finally, we
present SZ detections and masses for seven MaDCoWS clusters and new
spectroscopic redshifts for five MaDCoWS clusters. One of these new clusters,
MOO J1521+0452 at $z=1.31$, is the most distant MaDCoWS cluster confirmed to

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