The galaxy luminosity function in the LAMOST Complete Spectroscopic Survey of Pointing Area at the Southern Galactic Cap

Kavli Affiliate: Xuebing Wu

| First 5 Authors: Pinsong Zhao, Hong Wu, C. K. Xu, Ming Yang, Fan Yang

| Summary:

We present optical luminosity functions (LFs) of galaxies in the $^{0.1}g$,
$^{0.1}r$, and $^{0.1}i$ bands, calculated using data in $sim 40$ $deg^{2}$
sky area of LAMOST Complete Spectroscopic Survey of Pointing Area (LaCoSSPAr)
in Southern Galactic Cap. Redshifts for galaxies brighter $r = 18.1$ were
obtained mainly with LAMOST. In each band, LFs derived using both parametric
and non-parametric maximum likelihood methods agree well with each other. In
the $^{0.1}r$ band, our fitting parameters of the Schechter function are
$phi_{*}=(1.65pm0.36)times10^{-2}h^{3}Mpc^{-3}$, $M_{*}=-20.69pm0.06$ mag,
and $alpha=-1.12pm0.08$, in agreements with previous studies. Separate LFs
are also derived for emission line galaxies and absorption line galaxies,
respectively. The LFs of absorption line galaxies show a dip at $^{0.1}r sim
18.5$ and can be well fitted by a double-Gaussian function, suggesting a
bi-modality in passive galaxies.

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