Astro2020 Science White Paper: Synergies Between Galaxy Surveys and Reionization Measurements

Kavli Affiliate: Kiyoshi Masui

| First 5 Authors: Steven Furlanetto, Adam Beardsley, Chris L. Carilli, Jordan Mirocha, James Aguirre

| Summary:

The early phases of galaxy formation constitute one of the most exciting
frontiers in astrophysics. It is during this era that the first luminous
sources reionize the intergalactic medium – the moment when structure formation
affects every baryon in the Universe. Here we argue that we will obtain a
complete picture of this era by combining observations of galaxies with direct
measurements of the reionization process: the former will provide a detailed
understanding of bright sources, while the latter will constrain the
(substantial) faint source population. We further describe how optimizing the
comparison of these two measurements requires near-infrared galaxy surveys
covering large volumes and retaining redshift information and also improvements
in 21-cm analysis, moving those experiments into the imaging regime.

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