STROBE-X: X-ray Timing and Spectroscopy on Dynamical Timescales from Microseconds to Years

Kavli Affiliate: Dheeraj Pasham

| First 5 Authors: Paul S. Ray, Zaven Arzoumanian, David Ballantyne, Enrico Bozzo, Soren Brandt

| Summary:

We present the Spectroscopic Time-Resolving Observatory for Broadband Energy
X-rays (STROBE-X), a probe-class mission concept selected for study by NASA. It
combines huge collecting area, high throughput, broad energy coverage, and
excellent spectral and temporal resolution in a single facility. STROBE-X
offers an enormous increase in sensitivity for X-ray spectral timing, extending
these techniques to extragalactic targets for the first time. It is also an
agile mission capable of rapid response to transient events, making it an
essential X-ray partner facility in the era of time-domain, multi-wavelength,
and multi-messenger astronomy. Optimized for study of the most extreme
conditions found in the Universe, its key science objectives include: (1)
Robustly measuring mass and spin and mapping inner accretion flows across the
black hole mass spectrum, from compact stars to intermediate-mass objects to
active galactic nuclei. (2) Mapping out the full mass-radius relation of
neutron stars using an ensemble of nearly two dozen rotation-powered pulsars
and accreting neutron stars, and hence measuring the equation of state for
ultradense matter over a much wider range of densities than explored by NICER.
(3) Identifying and studying X-ray counterparts (in the post-Swift era) for
multiwavelength and multi-messenger transients in the dynamic sky through
cross-correlation with gravitational wave interferometers, neutrino
observatories, and high-cadence time-domain surveys in other electromagnetic
bands. (4) Continuously surveying the dynamic X-ray sky with a large duty cycle
and high time resolution to characterize the behavior of X-ray sources over an
unprecedentedly vast range of time scales. STROBE-X’s formidable capabilities
will also enable a broad portfolio of additional science.

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