Electrical control of interlayer exciton dynamics in atomically thin heterostructures

Kavli Affiliate: Daniel J. Needleman

| First 5 Authors: Luis A. Jauregui, Andrew Y. Joe, Kateryna Pistunova, Dominik S. Wild, Alexander A. High

| Summary:

Excitons in semiconductors, bound pairs of excited electrons and holes, can
form the basis for new classes of quantum optoelectronic devices. A van der
Waals heterostructure built from atomically thin semiconducting transition
metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) enables the formation of excitons from electrons
and holes in distinct layers, producing interlayer excitons with large binding
energy and a long lifetime. Employing heterostructures of monolayer TMDs, we
realize optical and electrical generation of long-lived neutral and charged
interlayer excitons. We demonstrate the transport of neutral interlayer
excitons across the whole sample that can be controlled by excitation power and
gate electrodes. We also realize the drift motion of charged interlayer
excitons using Ohmic-contacted devices. The electrical generation and control
of excitons provides a new route for realizing quantum manipulation of bosonic
composite particles with complete electrical tunability.

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