TESS Discovery of an ultra-short-period planet around the nearby M dwarf LHS 3844

Kavli Affiliate: Edward H. Morgan

| First 5 Authors: Roland Vanderspek, Chelsea X. Huang, Andrew Vanderburg, George R. Ricker, David W. Latham

| Summary:

Data from the newly-commissioned textit{Transiting Exoplanet Survey
Satellite} (TESS) has revealed a "hot Earth" around LHS 3844, an M dwarf
located 15 pc away. The planet has a radius of $1.32pm 0.02$ $R_oplus$ and
orbits the star every 11 hours. Although the existence of an atmosphere around
such a strongly irradiated planet is questionable, the star is bright enough
($I=11.9$, $K=9.1$) for this possibility to be investigated with transit and
occultation spectroscopy. The star’s brightness and the planet’s short period
will also facilitate the measurement of the planet’s mass through Doppler

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