TESS Discovery of a Transiting Super-Earth in the $π$ Mensae System

Kavli Affiliate: Edward H. Morgan

| First 5 Authors: Chelsea X. Huang, Jennifer Burt, Andrew Vanderburg, Maximilian N. Günther, Avi Shporer

| Summary:

We report the detection of a transiting planet around $pi$ Mensae (HD
39091), using data from the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). The
solar-type host star is unusually bright (V=5.7) and was already known to host
a Jovian planet on a highly eccentric, 5.7-year orbit. The newly discovered
planet has a size of $2.04pm 0.05$ $R_oplus$ and an orbital period of 6.27
days. Radial-velocity data from the HARPS and AAT/UCLES archives also displays
a 6.27-day periodicity, confirming the existence of the planet and leading to a
mass determination of $4.82pm 0.85$ $M_oplus$. The star’s proximity and
brightness will facilitate further investigations, such as atmospheric
spectroscopy, asteroseismology, the Rossiter–McLaughlin effect, astrometry,
and direct imaging.

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