A new quadruple-image gravitational lens in an edge-on disk galaxy at z=0.0956

Kavli Affiliate: Paul L. Schechter

| First 5 Authors: John R. Lucey, Russell J. Smith, Paul L. Schechter, Amanda S. Bosh, Stephen E. Levine

| Summary:

We report the serendipitous discovery of a quadruply-lensed source behind the
z=0.095 edge-on disk galaxy 2MASXJ13170000-1405187, based on public imaging
survey data from Pan-STARRS PS1 and the VISTA Hemisphere Survey. Follow-up
imaging from Magellan/LDSS3 shows that the background source is spatially
extended (i.e. not a QSO), and that two of the lensed images are observed
through a prominent dust ring in the disk of the lens galaxy. We summarise
results of preliminary modelling, which indicates an Einstein radius of 1.44
arcsec, and a K-band mass-to-light ratio of 0.5, relative to the solar value.

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