Uncertainties in the heliosheath ion temperatures

Kavli Affiliate: John D. Richardson

| First 5 Authors: Klaus Scherer, Hans Jörg Fahr, Horst Fichtner, Adama Sylla, John D. Richardson

| Summary:

The Voyager plasma observations show that the physics of the heliosheath is
rather complex, and especially that the temperature derived from observation
differs from expectations. To explain this fact the temperature in the
heliosheath should be based on $kappa$ distributions instead of Maxwellians
because the former allows for much higher temperature. Here we show an easy way
to calculate the $kappa$ temperatures when those estimated from the data are
given as Maxwellian temperatures. We use the moments of the Maxwellian and
$kappa$ distributions to estimate the $kappa$ temperature. Moreover, we show
that the pressure (temperature) given by a truncated $kappa$ distribution is
similar to that given by a Maxwellian and only starts to increase for higher
truncation velocities. We deduce a simple formula to convert the Maxwellian to
$kappa$ pressure or temperature. We apply this result to the Voyager-2
observations in the heliosheath.

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