Spectral Identification of the u-band Variable Sources in Two LAMOST fields

Kavli Affiliate: Xuebing Wu

| First 5 Authors: TianWen Cao, Ming Yang, Hong Wu, TianMeng Zhang, JianRong Shi

| Summary:

We selected 82 u-band variable objects based on the u-band photometry data
from SCUSS and SDSS, in the field of LAMOST Complete Spectroscopic Survey of
Pointing Area at Southern Galactic Cap. The magnitude variation of the targets
is restricted to larger than 0.2 mag and limiting magnitude down to 19.0 mag in
u-band. According to the spectra from LAMOST, there are 11 quasars with
red-shift between 0.4 and 1.8, 60 variable stars and 11 unidentified targets.
The variable stars include one active M-dwarf with a series of Balmer emission
lines, seven Horizontal Branch stars containing six RR Lyrae stars matching
with SIMBAD, and one giant, one AGB star and two RR Lyrae candidates by
different colour selections. All these variable stars mainly locate near the
main sequence in the g-r verse u-g diagram. The quasars are well distinguished
from stars by both u-g colour and variation in u-band.

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