Understanding Jets from Sources Straddling the Fanaroff-Riley Divide

Kavli Affiliate: Herman Marshall

| First 5 Authors: Preeti Kharb, Ethan Stanley, Matthew Lister, Herman Marshall, Chris O’Dea

| Summary:

Results from Chandra-HST-VLA observations of 13 hybrid sources are presented.
Data from ten sources in the literature are analysed along with new data from
three hybrid blazars belonging to the MOJAVE sample. Studies of such hybrid
sources displaying both FRI and FRII jet characteristics could provide the key
to resolving the long-standing Fanaroff-Riley dichotomy issue. A majority of
the 13 hybrid sources show FRII-like total radio powers, i.e., they are
"hybrid" in radio morphology but not in total radio power. VLBI observations of
ten of the 13 sources show that the X-ray jet is on the same side as the
one-sided VLBI jet. X-rays are therefore emitted from relativistically-boosted
approaching jets. This is consistent with the X-ray emission being IC/CMB in
origin in the majority of sources. It is not completely clear from our study
that asymmetries in the surrounding medium can create hybrid sources. Hybrid
radio morphologies could also be indicative of intrinsically asymmetric jets.

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