Elliptic genera of two-dimensional N=2 gauge theories with rank-one gauge groups

Kavli Affiliate: Kentaro Hori

| First 5 Authors: Francesco Benini, Richard Eager, Kentaro Hori, Yuji Tachikawa,

| Summary:

We compute the elliptic genera of two-dimensional N=(2,2) and N=(0,2) gauged
linear sigma models via supersymmetric localization, for rank-one gauge groups.
The elliptic genus is expressed as a sum over residues of a meromorphic
function whose argument is the holonomy of the gauge field along both the
spatial and the temporal directions of the torus. We illustrate our formulas by
a few examples including the quintic Calabi-Yau, N=(2,2) SU(2) and O(2) gauge
theories coupled to N fundamental chiral multiplets, and a geometric N=(0,2)

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