X-raying the Beating Heart of a Newborn Star: Rotational Modulation of High-energy Radiation from V1647 Ori

Kavli Affiliate: David Principe

| First 5 Authors: Kenji Hamaguchi, Nicolas Grosso, Joel H. Kastner, David A. Weintraub, Michael Richmond

| Summary:

We report a periodicity of ~1 day in the highly elevated X-ray emission from
the protostar V1647 Ori during its two recent multiple-year outbursts of mass
accretion. This periodicity is indicative of protostellar rotation at
near-breakup speed. Modeling of the phased X-ray light curve indicates the
high-temperature (~50 MK), X-ray-emitting plasma, which is most likely heated
by accretion-induced magnetic reconnection, resides in dense (>~5e10 cm-3),
pancake-shaped magnetic footprints where the accretion stream feeds the newborn
star. The sustained X-ray periodicity of V1647 Ori demonstrates that such
protostellar magnetospheric accretion configurations can be stable over
timescales of years.

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