Optical Variability of the Radio Source J 1128+5925 — II. Confirmation of its Optical Quietness

Kavli Affiliate: Jiansheng Chen

| First 5 Authors: Jianghua Wu, Xu Zhou, Jun Ma, Zhenyu Wu, Zhaoji Jiang

| Summary:

The source J 1128+5925 was found recently to show strong intraday variability
at radio wavelengths and its radio variability may come from interstellar
scintillation. In optical, the object was quiet in our 2007 monitoring session.
Here we report the results of our new optical monitoring of this source in
2008. In addition to confirm our 2007 results, that the object did not display
any clear variation on timescales from hour–day to month, we provide evidence
that the object does not vary on timescale of one year, and it is probably
intrinsically quiet in optical domain. Its very different behaviors in optical
and radio regimes can be naturally explained if its strong radio variability
comes from interstellar scintillation.

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